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Hi, I'm Casey, welcome to Illumed Mind!

After a lifetime defined by the relentless push for a better tomorrow, my life looked exactly as I wanted. In stark contrast, I felt empty, exhausted and disconnected. Despite having so much, I still had no idea what I wanted.

Emboldened by a surprise push of intuition, I leaped headfirst into the unknown by stepping away from the lifestyle and career I'd worked so hard to build to pursue my hidden passion for writing. 

I've discovered the unknown is a treacherous place haunted by our biggest fears. However, having the courage to explore the depths yields fertile ground for growth and creativity, and having the kindness to befriend our ugliness reveals the freedom of being a nobody.

I now know what it is I've been wanting all along -- a deep connection to the life pulsing through me. For that relationship alone can quench craving, still the mind and inspire extraordinary action. 


I'm a long sufferer of chronic pain and a experienced yogi (more). 

I hunger for knowledge and thirst for wisdom.

I'm a talented accountant and an inspired writer.

Each day I grow to be happier where I already am.

I'm master of my world and have no control over what happens in it.

I'm self-reliant and half of a greater whole.

I am my children's guardian and their faithful student. 

I write to grow and share to connect.

Image by Faye Cornish
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