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The Illumed Wheel

The path toward an Illumed Mind requires balanced activation of the forces that rule over each of the five dimensions of our psyches:

The Compassionate Guardian attunes for LOVE
The Resilient Hero transcends for FREEDOM
The Resourceful Developer drives for PROSPERITY
 The Bold Creator expands for DESTINY
The Joyful Luminary intuits for MEANING

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

The Compassionate Guardian

The Compassionate Guardian is our inner supportive force who oversees the grounding dimension of our minds and guides us toward love.


Perfectly attuned to our needs, the Guardian's belief in us never wavers regardless of how we feel about ourselves. The Guardian reminds us that we are not the life we've built or even the stories we tell about ourselves. The depth of who we really are is revealed though the compassionate release of self-judgment.

 Read further.

The Resilient Hero

The Resilient Hero is our inner courageous force who oversees the conflict dimension of our minds and guides us toward freedom.

Rather than hide from darkness, the Hero pushes us to run towards it with courage. The Hero reminds us that by seeking to crush our enemies, we'll be cursed to endure endless conflict, as we inevitably become what we fight against. By putting down our weapons and embracing our foes, we'll discover that the forces of darkness that we once considered our enemy are actually the key of our freedom. Read further.

Image by Simone Pellegrini

The Resourceful Developer

The Resourceful Developer is our inner driving force who oversees the security dimension of our minds and guides us toward prosperity.


The Developer astutely keeps our attention focused on driving toward the feeling of success rather than wasting our most precious resource on the pursuit of an illusion. Reaching for an external image of success will inevitably reinforce our feelings of lack regardless of whether we succeed or fail. The secret to prosperity lies in disconnecting our hopes from future outcomes and dedicating ourselves to purposeful contribution.   Read further.

The Bold Creator

The Bold Creator is our inner adventurous force who oversees the growth dimension of our minds and guides us toward our destiny.

The Creator thrives on excitement, exploration and newness. The sense of adventure our Creator craves can't be felt unless we constantly push the boundaries of our lives. Of course we want to resist, as new experiences present a threat to what we already have. However, the inspiring Creator reminds us that we've been brought to this world to grow. By seeing fear as a map, rather than an obstacle to avoid, we have charted the path toward our destiny. Read further.

Image by Colton Miller

The Joyful Luminary

The Joyful Luminary is our inner sacred force who oversees the spiritual dimension of our minds and guides us toward meaning. 

The Luminary's power lies in showing us that the world is exactly as it is meant to be, which enables us to release our grip on how we think it should be. The Luminary helps us to see the seeming paradox of all things -- there is no light without darkness, no wisdom without confusion, no peace without conflict. In the ultimate paradox, while everything is sacred, including us, the meaning of our lives is only revealed when we humbly release the need to be special or important. Read further

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