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From Desire to Direction: A Home Gym Journey on Trusting the Process

Home gym with Rogue Rack, Barbells, Weight Plates and Adjustable Bench
The home gym of my dreams has become reality

Do you ever struggle with telling the difference between blind desire and inspired direction? Or perhaps you'd like a bit of inspiration on the power of intention? If so, I'm hopeful you'll find my journey of building a home gym useful.


Eager to recover from knee surgery and increase my body's resilience to chronic pain, I started a regular strength training program using dumbbells and kettlebells. My gains soon plateaued and I'd need to incorporate barbell training to move forward. This is a huge leap for a home gym, as it requires the money and space for a barbell, weight plates and a steel cage to perform the training in (a power rack).

I obsessed over acquiring the foundational piece I'd need for barbell training -- the perfect power rack. I poured myself into research and built (and rebuilt) the various rack systems on all the top home gym companies’s websites. My heart soon became set on a Rogue four-poster in white with strap safeties and a handful of select accessories. Nearly every day, I compulsively placed my ideal rack in the cart to stare at longingly.

As I do with all significant life decisions, I sought guidance during my morning journaling practice. Much to my frustration, my request to purchase the Rogue rack was denied each time I asked. After months of not receiving the permission I sought, I did what any persistent person would and attempted to outwit my advisor. Assuming the requests had been denied on the basis of price, I set my sights lower to other less-expensive options. While not nearly as exciting, I found an alternative rack that would cost nearly half of the Rogue. New approach, same response -- 'no'.

The daily frustrations continued another six months until one random day I received the blessing I'd been craving! Given the go ahead, I excitedly placed the non-Rogue rack into the cart and initiated the check-out. Just as I was about to enter my credit card details, I felt an indescribable urge to check Craigs List. Reluctantly, I obeyed and was rewarded with the discovery of the exact Rogue rack I’d been dreaming of. Despite some reservations it would fit in my small space, I jumped on the opportunity.

Through what I can only explained as a miracle of events, the incredibly kind seller and his son offered to navigate a torrential storm to deliver the massive steel rack to my home. Much to my amazement, the rack fit like a glove and the rest has been history. To this day, I continue to be hit with a jolt of joy each time I open the garage door and see the rack.


Hidden within this experience is the ever so subtle lesson of discriminating between the drive of desire and the pull of direction. Had I purchased the rack on my first impulse, I’d have denied myself this mini-miracle. Sure I saved a few bucks, but the real gain was far more profound. Flowing along the same vein as the seminal manifestation books Think and Grow Rich and The Secret, I discovered the power of intention first hand. Even more importantly, I was given tangible evidence that the voice speaking to me from the stillness is far wiser than my selfish impulses and has my best interests at heart.


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