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Upcoming Novel!

Image by Casey Horner

The Book of Emily

a novel

I’m thrilled to introduce my debut novel, The Book of Emily, the first installment in a fantasy fiction trilogy centered on Emily’s heroic journey to rescue her 18 month old son, who has just been kidnapped under otherworldly circumstances. 

Much to her disbelief, the ever practical and disciplined Emily learns she and her son are at the center of the ageless war between the apparent forces of good (the Illumed) and evil (the Larmonts). The Larmonts, believing Zeke to be the long prophesied Leader of Humanity, intend to develop and weaponize his power to secure their absolute control over humanity. While Emily, who sees herself as perfectly ordinary, discovers she must journey through a treacherous series of dreamlike trials to reach her son. 

Under the mentorship of Eliza, a spritely and immensely wise old recluse, Emily is confronted with demons both within and without. As her progress deepens, the untruths embedded in the story of her life are stripped away, leaving her with nothing but her true identity as the Lifegiver, the greatly misunderstood world's savior referenced in the ancient texts. In her hands lies the fate of humanity, as only she can wrest Zeke’s power from the Larmonts by waking him up to their hypnotic influence.

Read Chapter 1 here!

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